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Mayapur Attempt To Storm Calcutta Temple Ends In Fiasco


INDIA, May 3 (VNN) — "He Who Clenches Fist Has Already Lost The Argument" (Chinese Proverb)

We have reported previously in this newsletter about how the Guru cartel that runs the GBC has turned the current ISKCON movement into a crazy cult which will use any amount of violence to acquire power; that nothing has changed from the mad zonal acarya days, where intimidation, beating and violence against devotees was routine. However we have also reported that though those tactics may have worked in the past, now that the IRM has been formed as an organised and disciplined force to stand up to the GBC, they just do not work anymore. One will note that the GBC were defeated philosophically a long time ago, with 'The Final Order' paper still standing unanswered and undefeated.

We have also reported how the GBC are suffering defeat in the courts as well. So like so many dishonest movements over the years, having being defeated on every rational and civilised level, and having no other means by which to enforce their desire for power, they can only resort to violence. But as we will now graphically demonstrate, even their use of violence is defeated, for truth will always overcome all forces - "Satyam Vijayate" - Truth is victorious.

The High drama began on Friday afternoon as 100 'devotees' from Mayapur burst into the Calcutta temple. The so-called 'devotees' also contained many professional 'heavies' who had been hired especially for the event. They immediately demanded to take possession of the temple, and began to occupy the ashram and other parts of the building. Devotees from the temple who got in their way were beaten and sustained injuries. Coordinating all this from the outside was Dayarama Das, the Chief Executive of Mayapur. When I came down from my office to confront them a huge crowd of them also rushed to attack me, but I and 2 other devotees managed to fight them off. Leading this supposedly 'vaisnava' behaviour was Bhakti Purosottama Swami, a leading Jayapataka Swami Sannyasa. The Police arrived however and most of the Mayapur gang were removed, with some of them, including Bhakti Purosottama Swami, put in jail. But around 25 of them had sneaked into the temple room and began performing kirtan to evade arrest - claiming that they had simply come to take darshan. To prevent further trouble the temple was then locked with these 25 agents from Mayapur already inside. The Police had said that it was best to let them stay until the situation had cooled down, and the day was over, and then they would be removed.

By late evening, with most of the intruders removed, the trouble seemed to have passed, and all those who had been locked up in jail were subsequently released. However the night was just beginning.

The Mayapur gang quickly swung into the next part of their plan. Led by Dayarama Das, those who had just been released from jail, along with dozens of other 'hired hands', as well as well two bus-loads of devotees from Mayapur, began to congregate outside the temple. The crowd eventually rose to over 300, all demonstrating and demanding entry into the temple. The local police soon became overwhelmed and any attempt to remove the 25 Mayapur agents still inside was now out of the question, as they were barely managing to keep the crowd at bay. Consequently another about 25 Mayapur 'devotees' from this huge crowd managed to climb the walls at the back of the temple and gain entry. They joined up with the 25 Mayapur agents who were already inside. As we were to later discover, all 50 of them were all heavily armed with knives, machetes, chains, nails and hammers. They had also brought 8 changes of locks with them. Clearly this was a carefully planned operation to forcibly occupy the temple through violence. As usual coordinating all this from outside was Dayarama das, who was at the head of the300 strong crowd, and who was shouting instructions both verbally as well as via his cell phone. He had also organised about 50 hired professional thugs armed with metal bars, who were dressed in security uniformsand were standing outside waiting to charge in.

Heavily armed to the teeth, and outnumbering our devotees 3:1 (as all our householder devotees live outside), these 50 agents of the Mayapur gang quickly ran amok and took over the whole temple. All the temple devotees were threatened with severe violence if they tried to intervene. The night wore on and we were now well into the early hours of Saturday morning. The local police who were trying their best to keep the huge crowd at bay, were powerless to do anything, as those inside forcibly took possession. At this point Dayarama phoned Gopal Krishna Swami, the GBC for India, and informed him that the temple was now 'taken', and the ritviks were ousted. Gopal immediately relayed the 'good' news to other GBC's,Gurus and members of the ISKCON Bureau (which is controlled by the Gurus). Very quickly the news is all over Mayapur and the higher echelons of ISKCON, that 'Calcutta is now in GBC hands'.

As usual, the jubilation, was to prove severely premature, for we had already made full preparations to deal with this 'invasion'.

The 50 Mayapur agents inside waited for re-reinforcements from the huge crowd outside, which they expected was now only minutes away, so that the temple could 'officially' be taken over, with myself and the other temple devotees ejected. However these 'reinforcements' never came, for at around 1a.m., extra police from outside the area came and cleared most of the crowd. As the morning approached, the 50 strong Mayapur gang became more and more frustrated. For though they were inside alright, they were unable to get out, no one else was able to get in, and the temple was still not completely in their hands! Who was really trapped here!

They thus began to act more and more out of desperation. They threatened the devotees, ripped out phone lines, and began to perform random acts of vandalism, damaging temple furniture. But they still had not mustered up enough courage to come and confront me in my office. Myself and the devotees simply remained calm, for very soon, the mischief was going to be at an end, and every action they took now was simply sealing their fate. At 10.30 am, two huge police trucks with over a hundredCalcutta policeman pulled up with 3 large empty police vans in tow. Then, they swung into action with a style that could have come straight out of a Hollywood action movie. In seconds they swarmed over the whole temple shouting - "Get the Mayapur goondas." ('Goonda" means criminal in Hindi). Forming snatch squads they immediately seized and beat the 50 Mayapura goondas who were inside. These 'brave' fighters immediately began to flee, dropping their weapons, and hiding under the beds and cupboards of the ashram. Some of the Mayapur thugs tried to hide in the Temple room, and they locked themselves in, and would not let the Police enter.

The Police easily managed to force the door. Some were even caught changing out of their dhotis into regular clothes so they could pretend they were simply 'guests'! The police ruthlessly rounded them up and bundled them into the Police vans, beating them with sticks as they resisted. They searched every nook and cranny of the temple to make sure not a trace of them was left. The whole operation was over in 10 minutes. What had taken Mayapura weeks to plan, lakhs of rupees to finance, and a whole night to put into action, was now over in minutes. The Police then came to my office and asked me to take them on a tour of the temple to see if there were still any of the intrudersleft that I wanted arrested. We then found a further four of them hiding up on the roof! They were also bundled up and thrown in the waiting police vans to join their buddies. For good measure the Police also arrested over 20 members from the crowd outside the temple, who had been cheering thesthugs inside on all night. And while these arrests were being made, Dayarama was seen running for his life, as he left his hapless supporters at the mercy of the police. He went and took shelter at his Father-in-law's house nearby! And to ensure that such thuggery is never allowed to happen again, there are now over 30 policeman posted on 24 hour guard at the temple. It is also clear that this was at the very least, a joint Dayarama, Gopal Krishna, Jayapataka Swami and Bhakti Caru Swami operation. We have already reported on Dayarama's role as commander on the scene and his communication with Gopal Krishna. Further virtually all of the aggressors in addition to the hired hands, were dozens of leading disciples of Jayapataka Swami and Bhakti Caru Swami, who could never have acted in such a calculated and violent manner without having had the green light from their 'Gurus'.

The net result of this fiasco was that in total almost 80 members of the Mayapur gang were arrested and spent time in jail, with over 70 of them having to spend the whole night, and who are now bailed to appear before the court again to face formal charges. And as we will now document, the GBC-Guru gang also exposed themselves to the whole world as the shameless violent thugs they are, who have nothing except sheer raw violence left at their disposal. For they abandoned the truth, reason, and normal civilised codes of conduct long ago, with any hope of vaisnava behaviour not even on the horizon. And the IRM are still in charge of the temple, and have emerged even stronger from this ordeal as the public, police and press have rallied to their support.

For those who are still undecided as to whether they should continue to follow the GBC-Gurus or Srila Prabhupada as represented by the IRM, we hope this naked display of thuggery and violence will have made the decision they need to take crystal clear! If any more proof is required that we are dealing not with a spiritual organisation composed of 'devotees', but a violent crazy cult now facing meltdown, one only needs to consider one simple fact:

They actually thought that a violent mob could come and take over a temple and nothing would happen!

It is said that one of the symptoms of a crazy cult is that they are unable to relate to the real world, and they imagine the whole world is simply an extension of the crazy world they inhabit. Maybe such violent tactics work inside Mayapura and other Guru run ISKCON temples, but they sure do not work anywhere else! As we have said many times before, the creation of the IRM signals the end of the days when devotees would just roll over and give in to the Gurus. We will fight them to the very end, and we will win. For just as in the battle of Kuruksetra, though the Kauravas had all of Krishna's armies at their disposal, the Pandavas won because they had truth, righteousness and Krishna on their side. Similarly Mayapura came with a huge army of over 400 and weapons. 'Little' Calcutta had nothing except the fact that they represented the truth, and were willing to stand up for it. And as always, truth won over the forces of darkness as represented by violence and thuggery used by Mayapura to try and keep Srila Prabhupada kicked out of his rightful place as the Guru of ISKCON.

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